Low carbon business opportunities – make sure you’re prepared

The various initiatives and incentives to reduce carbon consumption and lower emissions present a real opportunity for companies in the built environment sector.

With the right skills, your business can benefit from the vast number of home and property owners who will be upgrading their buildings to incorporate environmental technologies and energy efficiency measures.

What’s driving the demand?

Current programmes (such as Green Deal and Renewable Heat Incentive), Government targets to reduce carbon emissions and planned EU directives are leading to an increased demand for individuals who are certified as competent to assess the need for, give advice about, and install environmental technologies and energy efficiency measures.

Also, a new European Directive (PDF document) states that to become certified as a competent installer, practical training as well as theoretical training must be carried out. The directive also details the need for individual competence rather than company competence, as well as a host of other requirements about how training must be structured if individuals are to become certified.

What can you do to prepare?

If you are to become an accredited installer under schemes such as the MCS, it’s vital that you undertake the correct training and gain the right skills.

The National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies offers training and qualifications that meet all the requirements of current and future legislation, to ensure you are getting the right skills to take your business forward.

On this website you can find out about the qualifications available via the Skills Academy, and the locations where you can carry out your training.