Environmental Awareness

Level 3 Award in Understanding the Fundamental Principles and Requirements of Environmental Technology Systems

What will I learn?

You will gain an understanding of different environmental technologies and an overview of how they operate. You will learn how these technologies can be integrated into existing systems, and how to decide which technologies may be best for a particular application.

Specifically, the course covers:

  • The fundamental working principles, advantages and disadvantages of environmental technologies, including micro-renewable energy and water conservation
  • What's needed relating to a building's location and its features for the most efficient and economical installation of environmental technologies
  • Regulatory requirements relating to installation of environmental technologies, including micro-renewable energy and water conservation
  • Factors associated with selection of environmental technologies, including integration and retrofit to existing systems.

Why is this course the most relevant to me?

This course leads to a Level 3 award within the Qualifications and Credit Framework.

Also, this training has been mapped to National Occupational Standards which means you are receiving the most beneficial and industry-relevant training possible.

Only courses that are aligned to National Occupational Standards will be recognised in the forthcoming changes to the Microgeneration Certification Scheme, to bring it in line with legislation that will be implemented in 2012 to meet EU Directive requirements.

Who's it for?

People with roles that involve the management or specification of environmental technologies.

People who have to inform or advise customers and clients about environmental technologies, their use and benefits.

For instance:

  • Building services engineering consultants
  • Building services engineering contractors, sales and customer support staff
  • Designers, architects, planners, specifiers, quantity surveyors, buyers
  • Construction contractors
  • Facilities managers
  • Environmental health officers
  • Building control officers
  • Housing association and housing officers
  • Local Authority and Council planning officers
  • Procurement officers.

Where does the training take place?

The National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies has a network of training providers across the country which are led by 'hub' colleges.

Find your local hub.