Different training options

Whilst there is a level of pre-requisite competence required for these qualifications, we recognise that many people may already have previous experience of these technologies and, therefore, a full training route may not be the most cost-effective solution. In many instances, an individual may already have a good level of knowledge in these technologies, and even existing qualifications or experience. Therefore, the cost and time of a comprehensive training programme may not need to be incurred.

With this in mind, the National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies can offer a variety of training routes for each technology:

Assessment only

This can be applied if the candidate is judged by the training provider to have a good level of existing knowledge and skills in the technology. In this case, only the assessment process may be needed to test and confirm competence levels. The qualification is awarded if the assessment process is successfully completed.

Top-up and assessment

This can be applied when a candidate has a certain level of existing knowledge and skills but may need specific top-up training before they are ready to complete the assessment.

Full training programme

This will be needed where the candidate is new to the technology/technologies or does not have the necessary knowledge or competence to undertake the assessment without full training and development.

Your local training provider will normally carry out a brief analysis of your existing skills to identify the most suitable route for you. Click here to download further information on Low carbon career routes.