The National Skills Academy qualifications for environmental technologies take the form of upskilling units to complement the minimum Level 2 or 3 competence gained via a sector apprenticeship, NVQ or other recognised route.

The upskilling can be undertaken to cover installation, or installation and maintenance, of a given environmental technology. In addition, an environmental technologies awareness unit is available. Each leads to an award in the new QCF structure at Level 3.

If you already have experience of environmental technologies, you may be able to take an assessment only or top-up route, rather than undertaking the full qualification - find out more...

NEW Green Deal qualifications available

The environmental technology qualifications available

Installation Installation and maintenance

Qualifications for the following technologies are currently in development and will be available soon:

  • Biomass
  • Micro-hydro
  • Micro-wind
  • Micro-CHP

Fuel cells will follow this, and discussions are currently taking place to explore environmental design and anaerobic digestion units.