Career Routes

Low Carbon Career Routes


Across the Built Environment

The built environment includes a range of environmental technologies and energy efficiency measures for those new to the sector or who wish to progress and add to their existing individual competence.

If you want to make a career out of designing, installing and maintaining environmental technologies and energy efficiency measures, you need to make sure you start in the right place - the building services engineering (BSE) sector. The BSE comprises of the electrotechnical, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, refrigeration and plumbing industries.

A list of the environmental technologies and energy efficient courses covered by the National Skills Academy can be found here. 

Skills to install environmental technologies incorporate a range of traditional skills and the career pathway will require achievement of these pre-requisite skills prior to achievement of the environmental technologies skills.

View more information on careers here and download the Low Carbon Career Routes leaflet.

Renewable technologies - everyday

Drive along a motorway, take a trip on a train, walk down your local street there is evidence of the increasing use of the technologies for which the National Skills Academy network across the UK provides training and upskilling.

On motorways and railways you will see solar panels and wind turbines, producing electricity to operate equipment including roadside equipment, bus stop destination and other roadside signage, car charging systems and parking meters at service stations. While in your local street you may observe external insulation, solar panels and wind turbines installed to upgrade homes and commercial buildings during refitting.  

Whether you are to offer advice, specify environmental technologies and systems, design install, commission, maintain or repair the environmental technologies, there are career pathways and enhancements to your career that can be made.

Green Deal

The Government's Green Deal scheme is aimed at enabling homeowners, tenants and businesses to have energy efficient improvement work carried out without the requirement to pay for the work upfront. We are experiencing more frequent and more extreme variations in our weather patterns leading to flooding, storms, extreme temperature variations and water shortages. By creating an energy efficient home will create an overall reduction in energy costs and provide more comfortable living and working conditions.